Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventure Time- LSP Nail Art

The purple isnt that bright in person!

Being a massive fan of Adventure Time, I decided to paint my nails to an Adventure Time character, I chose to do LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) which is my favourite character in the show!

I was going to do a new character every week or so but sadly I had to cut my nails short. I'm currently in the process of cutting and regrowing my nails until it has no layers breaking off (my nails are incredibly weak :( ), so I won't be posting anymore nail posts until they're to its normal length.

Products used:
  • Ulta3 Nail Polish in Base Coat [Not shown]
  • Savvy by DB Nail Polish in Grapetini
  • Savvy by DB Nail Polish in Pina Colada
  • Ulta3 Nail Polish in Midnight
  • Ulta3 Nail Polish in Clear [Not shown]
  • Dotting tool

What nail art should I do next once my nails have grown?


  1. your nails are too cute for my life! I wish I knew how to do nail art but I can't even apply nail polish on my right hand using my left hand. :)))

    maxie <3

    1. Thank youu! It's alright, with a little bit of practise you will eventually be able to paint with your left hand. It took me a while too :(

  2. This is so amazing! great post. i love it! :) xoxo

  3. brilliant I just love them

    1. Thanks! I was actually proud of how they turned out :)