Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nivea Pure & Natural Milk & Honey and Chamomile & Calendula

Having dry lips frequently, I will always be using a lip balm day and night. And being a lipbalm junkie, I'm always happy to try different lipbalms but for now  I'm only just starting on Nivea before I test out different brands.
I actually used a Priceline voucher on these lipbalms as well as 5 other lipbalms but they were already on sale for $3.34 each, bargain! 

Chamomile & Calendula  Ingredients
Milk & Honey Ingredients 
On the back it states that: 

Chamomile & Calendula: 
-soothes sensitive lips with extra mild care
-100% free of preservatives
-With natural ingredients - certified organic shea butter and natural jojoba oil

Milk & Honey:
-Pampers your lips with extra rich care
-100% free of preservatives
-With natural ingredients - certified organic shea butter and natural jojoba oil

I picked the two lipbalms in the pure & natural range 'Chamomile & Calendula' and 'Milk & Honey'

I did some research on their website and their main ingredient is very natural so perfect for those looking for the natural lipbalm option.

Chamomile & Calendula
  • Camomile – a wound-healing ingredient that leaves chapped lips wonderfully soft
  • Calendula – traditionally used to soothe and alleviate inflammation.
Milk & Honey
  • Milk – rich in all important amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Honey – contains a high amount of antioxidants and has effective healing properties.

The scent of these lipbalms dont linger on the lips but smell quite noticeable in the tube. Honestly the Chamomile & Calendula scent isn't my favourite it smells like one of those floral fragrant pillows they sell during mothers day, I rather prefer the Milk & Honey because it smells a lot like honey. 

Compared to my all time favourite lipbalm, the Nivea Essential Care. This lipbalm is a lot thinner and requires going back forth tons of times until you get a thicker moisturising consistency like the Essential Care. But unlike the Essential Care the lipbalm doesn't reach to my standards in its moisturising compartment.
It feels as if I'm just applying a layer of lipbalm that does nothing.

With an equal amount of money you could just buy the Essential Care lipbalm which actually does something.
Sad to say that this was a disappointment for me and I wouldn't repurchase this again.
I would recommend just saving your money on a different lipbalm.


  1. Great review Ms. Angel! :) This 2 nivea lip balms is such a nice steal/bargain!

  2. Wanna there's sale in Thailand again. So good smell.♥Luvin'it Pls comebackūüíč