Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Beyond Lip Tint in Red

I've always been one of those makeup junkies that loved natural coloured lips since they are way more easier to deal with. No need of checking up in the middle of the day in case it fades in the middle of your lips since it's not too noticeable for people to think your lips have gone crazy.
But obviously using a lipstain, you dont need to worry about it smudging halfway across your face or getting the dreaded lipliner look at the end of the day.... (oh the horror!)

I got this from Sasa while I was at Macau last year for $60 Patacas ($8.50 AUD).
This was one of the products I randomly chucked into my basket when I read the back of the box and found out it was a liptint. I find that there arent many liptints in the drugstore brands in Aus so any liptint I could find whilst overseas was my top priority to buy. 

I'm pretty sure there was an orange shade and pink, but I had a feeling it wouldn't show up too well on the lips, so I just played it safe and took the boldest colour.

Excuse the horrible nails!
 The packaging is the typical lip tint packaging, where it looks like a nail polish bottle. I thought it was adorable that it had pandas printed around the bottle! I wouldnt like to be caught reapplying this out in public since I'm pretty sure most people would automatically assume I'm using mail polish on my lips.

I was expecting the applicator to be brush-like or spongy but turned out it was like a flat flexible tip. It was a bit of a let down since it doesn't swipe on the lips nicely, instead it pushes the product off while you're applying it. So I find that I have to dab it on my lips then blend it out using my fingers which stains my finger afterwards.
The texture of the product is like a hybrid of cream and water, it's not too liquidy and runny but it's also not very thick.

The product itself is a teeny bit drying since it is a stain but it lasts a good 3-4 hours with food and drinks before fading back to your normal lip colour.
I love how this product is buildable in colour, one layer makes your lips a shade pinker and if you keep building on, the colour becomes a bright pink colour, which does not look flattering on me so 1-2 layers is enough for me. 

Have you tried any lip-stains lately?


  1. how pretty! I like this because it's just a hint of color. great post! i'm your new follower, looking forward to reading more of your blog! xo

    1. I know people may complain on the pigmentation but I like the look for my lips just a shade pinker! Thanks for joining the crew haha :)

  2. So cute product! Your lips look really healthy : )

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. I think Asian beauty products in general are adorable! Thanks Rinako ^_^

  3. At first I was like whoaaa, $60 but then I realized its only like $8 in USD. ^o^ I really like lip tints! It's awesome, how well they stay on! I think this color is really pretty, but I too am not liking the brush applicator. Thanks for the review! :D

    <3 from Chuonie

    1. haha the currency scared me aswell when I first saw it too! Yes I love liptints, they seriously need more "western" branded lip tints besides benefit.