Saturday, February 8, 2014

Klean Color Tattoo Eye Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Being one of them frequent eyeliner users, I'm always on the lookout for new eyeliners to try. I was searching through eyeliners on Ebay and found the Klean Color Tattoo Liquid Liner for only $4.90 + $1.80 postage and being the cheapo that I am, of course I had to get it. Though I am skeptical about cheap makeup products so I was 80% sure that it would not be a good product but doesnt hurt to try stuff right?

big high five to the people who can guess the orange thing!

I know Kleancolour has a range of cheap makeup products like nail polish and eyeshadows which can be hard to find in Australia, but I know it's an American brand and trying out American products gets very exciting for me.
Though the packaging is pretty frustrating as it takes up a lot of space and is made with a cheap feeling plastic.

I personally love liquid liners with a brush tip rather than a felt tip cause I find them harsh to use on the lids, sadly this has a felt tip which is a downer. Also with the felt tip, it doesnt evenly apply the liner so I have to tap the product on, to get an even pigmentation. The liner also dries quickly so the liner does become patchy if I go over it.

And to answer the question of whether I love it or not?! It's 80% love and 20% meh. 
The formula of the liner is so amazing. during the cooler seasons it lasts all day (no joke) I even tested it on the bottom lash line (put 3 dots pictured above) and it probably lasted around 3 hours of shopping with my mum with no smudging or flaking. 
During summer it doesn't last as much on the watery ends, but with primer underneath it lasts, even on the ends.
Also it is the most waterproof eyeliner I own. How do I know? I actually take off most my makeup when I shower and this eyeliner does not budge at all unless I try to rub it off. I'd say I wouldn't go swimming with it on unless you're going for a thin natural line but if the weather turns out to be rain it would be perfect to use.

If Kleancolor changed the packaging of this eyeliner I think this would be my HG eyeliner. For the price and formula it is worth it all. 


  1. So lovely post! Thanks for the review!
    I really love your blog! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
    Let’s follow each other! I hope we will keep in touch. ♡
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  2. The packaging definitely looks different and awesome! Thank you for the review, i will check this eyeliner out later! :D