Monday, April 21, 2014

Instagram Magnets || Sticky9 GIVEAWAY!

I live in a small spaced house which actually doesn't have a kitchen. And it may seem like a bad thing but it does have it's perks. Now you may be thinking, why are you talking about this when clearly the title is about magnets?!
Well my desk (where I store all my makeup and everything) is placed right next to the fridge. So there is no hassle of walking far just to get food, and the side of the fridge is kind of like my little inspiration/picture board where I stick pictures, memos and all that jazz.
So I was contacted to try out the instagram magnets from Sticky9! And the thought of having actual picture magnets on the fridge rather than separate magnets sticking pictures on the fridge looks a lot more appealing.
If you have no idea what Sticky9 is, it is basically a website that's known for selling magnets with your own Instagram pictures on them, so you can put them on the fridge or whiteboard. They also sell phone cases (iphone & samsung galaxy) and ipad cases, where you can also put your Instagram photos on.

They offer their classic magnets with 2 sizes of medium ($15.99) and large ($21.99) and also a jigsaw magnet which is just one photo separated into 9 pieces ($15.99).
I chose the medium size with photos that meant something to me like events, memories, friends and... food.
I received the magnets in the mail around 2 weeks and a few days from ordering them. They packed it in a sturdy cd mailer so it arrived safe and sound.

The magnets have a matte texture so for those glossy-magnet-photo lovers out their, it may not be for you. But it does give a nice look to it all! 
It is seriously a really nice addition to add to a boring fridge.
There is really nothing bad to say, they're good quality magnets and the picture quality is the same as what you get from your Instagram pictures. 
Though the only downside for me is that if you want pictures that arent on your Instagram you cant get it unless you have it on your Instagram profile, so the only solution is to make a private instagram account which can be somewhat of a hassel. Especially if you want to get some magnets as a present for someone. (they offer gift certificates thankfully).
Also it saddens me that they dont offer phone cases for other phones besides the iphone and samsung galaxy, since I swapped my iphone for a HTC and I was crying on the inside for their cases!!

How it is on my fridge.

I do recommend visiting Sticky9 if you are interested in having Instagram magnets, they ship all over the world and offer free shipping. 
But luckily, Sticky9 was nice enough to let me host a giveaway to my readers to win their famous magnets! 
It is compulsory for you to have an Instagram account if you want to be in the running to win, since it needs to sync your instagram account to get the pictures.

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2: Comment below with your email and tell me what you would put on your magnets. eg food, beauty related pictures, family, friends etc.

Contact Sticky9!
Facebook: Sticky9HQ
Instagram: Sticky9
Twitter: Sticky9

Disclaimer: Was kindly sent these magnets for free


  1. Probably photos with friends... I'm not sure- you tell me! :D hahaha

  2. I would probably choose a mix of photos with my friends/family, and in general pretty pics like scenery, or particularly special memories :)

    My email is

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Hmm, I even didn't decide yet :\ I want my best pictures, but dunno what kind of pics. Maybe BF, vacation, selfie, best and and most expensive food I've ever eat, most beautiful scenery I've ever capture, my collection, etc. everything must be the best pictures I have :D

    Thank you for the giveaway,