Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maybelline Express Remover Pot

In my recent haul I picked up the Maybelline Express Remover pot at MyChemist during their 50% off Maybelline sale, which I believe is still on! I picked it up for $4.97.
If you know me, I am the most laziest person you will ever meet. When I paint my nails, they do not come off after until I feel like a new colour or have the verge to take it off which can be a few weeks or even months... so when I heard about nail polish remover pots I had always wanted to get my hands on one, it was just a product that was made perfectly for me!

Using the nail polish remover pot is so simple and easy. All you do is dip your finger in the sponge soaked with polish remover inside, turn your finger and take it out and obviously close the lid when you're done.
Before I owned this, I did have second thoughts, because a sponge soaked with polish remover that is supposedly the most amazing product made?! Sounds too good to be true right? But it really is amazing!
The only thing that put me off trying this out was that I thought the polish would get stuck to the sponge after each use, so a build-up of polish would cover the sponge and be unusable. But no, I am wrong, it hasn't done anything like that..yet (so i think, haha!) 

The sponge is literally soaked with polish remover so I find that if you press onto the sponge, it does go over your fingers and nails. But it isnt necessary to even press onto the sponge while you are twisting your finger, you really just dip and turn and youre done. The texture of the sponge works well to grab onto the polish and remove it.

Polish: Chi Chi Polish in Social Butterfly

I was using the nail polish on my ring finger that ended up getting ruined during a night-time manicure.

Dip & Twist
I find that I have to either dip my finger in for a few seconds and twist about 2-3 times for the polish to remove or to either twist the finger until I feel like the polish is removed which may be up to 10 seconds. 
The remover claims to "Remove nail polish in 1 dip" which I guess is true since you do leave your nail in the pot until you feel like the nail polish is gone, but there can be an occasion when a very small spot of polish hasn't been entirely removed so a second dip can happen.
But that doesnt really bother me since it is a lot quicker than using a cotton round/balls and a separate polish remover.

Final Result!
The nail polish remover doesnt contain any acetone which is different since I always use nail polish removes with acetones since they do the job well, but seeing as this is acetone free and does an amazing job at removing polish quickly and effectively, it's just one of those products that I will always be using. It will without a doubt replace the manual method of removing polish!
I find that this doesnt dry my nails out and leaves it like how a nail should be feeling. 
I really recommend picking this up now during the 50% off Maybelline sales at MyChemist! I will 100% buy this again when I use this pot up!


  1. I saw it today and was debating whether to try it. But then again, I usually don't mind spending the effort in manually removing my polish so I don't really need this haha. But this definitely sounds like a good product!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. You are so much better than me at holding yourself, I usually just buy things impulsively haha! Well I believe this product is a holy grail product for the lazy nail-polish-removing people so there is really no need to buy this unless you are a lazy person.

  2. This is a really handy idea since it saves you a lot of cotton rounds/balls. What happens to all the nail polish that get s removed?

    1. So true! Feels like it should last for quite awhile until I need to get another pot so does save on the few dollars spent on the cotton rounds!
      I wonder that myself, but I assume it just disintegrates in with the liquid or gathers in the sponge on the outer skirts maybe?

  3. I tried this out, and loved it! So much easier! xx

    1. And also the feeling when you remove your finger from it and your polish is removed perfectly!

  4. This sounds like such a practical product, since I'm so lazy as well, I always end up not wanting to paint my nails because I can't be bothered removing it in a couple of days time!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

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