Saturday, April 26, 2014

Long Time No Haul!

It's probably been around a year since my last haul! 
Entering VCE and also getting a job has probably been one of the reasons why I haven't bought many stuff all at once in a long long time.
I found a beanie and a scarf online which I just had to buy so I decided to go out and get them, but considering that I went out to shop, I couldnt resist some sales that I went past.

Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion || $3.50 || 
Purchased this at Big W when I was trying to find the cotton buds. The sales tag stood out in the corner of my eye and considering that it was previously $6.50, I just had to get it. Also perfect timing since the colder weather is starting to come to Melbourne.

Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner || $4.75 ||
Also bought this in Big W, this exploded in a lot of peoples blogs, with some great reviews and some bad. nevertheless I just really wanted to try it after seeing some amazing reviews on it.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover || $6.99 ||
2 of my current makeup removers are starting to run low so I had to stock up so I bought this makeup remover at MyChemist. It was the cheapest one that was on sale.

Dove Go Fresh Face Cleanser || $3 ||
I'm assuming that this is a new Dove product since I havent seen this on the selves before. There were 4 different ones from the same range but one of them was fully sold out and this was the second most sold out, hence why I chose this one. I got this at Big W as well.

Maybelline Express Remover Pot || $4.97 ||
MyChemist is currently having a 50% off Maybelline sale, so I took advantage of the sale to buy the famous nail polish remover pot that has recently been sold in Australia! To be honest I wouldn't of bought it for the normal price of $9.95 so it was perfect timing.

Chi Chi Nail Polish in Social Butterfly || $5 ||
I have seriously missed walking into the beauty section of Target, with all the reduced makeup they sell. I was browsing through the Chi Chi products and found this gorgeous purple brown reduced to $5.

Chi Chi Nail Polish in Get Out Of My Head || $1 ||
This was right next to the other polish I got it only for $1, it was the last one. Sadly when I got home, I found out that the polish was all gloopy and thick, nearly unusable. But I did add some nail polish thinner and it is somewhat manageable to use it for nail art but not for a full set of nails. 

Daiso Cotton Swab Refills 400pc x 2 || $5.60 ||
I usually buy my cotton buds at target in the 400pc but I just couldnt find it at all in my local Big W so I bought it at Daiso as a last resort. And yellow is my favourite colour so I just had to get it!

Adnohr Ear Care Antiseptic Spray || $6.81 ||
I actually got my second ear piercing done so I needed a antiseptic spray and the place I got it done sold it for $15.99 which was just not in my budget so I hopped down to MyChemist to get one, it was originally around $8-$9 but my friends sister who works at MyChemist gave me a 20% discount.

Daiso Oil Blotting Paper || $2.80 ||
Probably the only oil blotting paper that I use, it's cheap, effective and gets the job done.

Bardot Knotted Tassel Scarf || $29.95 ||
This was the only reason why I went shopping, to buy this scarf and a beanie. I have Ski camp in a few months time so I needed a thick, long scarf so I can deal with the cold. This scarf is super long and reached my toes if I dont wrap it around. It wraps around twice and is the warmest thing ever!
[Can get it online here]

Mr Fox Beanie || $16.99 ||
When I was searching online for scarfs, I went onto Glassons and found this Fox Beanie! I guess it is a lot cuter on the Glassons website but it is still the most adorable beanie I have ever seen before.
[Can get it online here]

Second Ear Lobe Piercing || $24.95 ||
I randomly got my second ear piercing done by impulse. I didnt plan on getting it done during my shopping spree but it was time to get my seconds done, I was planning on doing them last holidays but I just never got around to doing them. I got them done at Beauty Essentials and I just love it! I will probably get my third done probably next year or next few holidays.

Which product should I review next?!


  1. That scarf looks so cozy and that beanie is adorable! I recently tried the Nivea in-shower lotion and it's pretty decent. I'd love to see a review on that Maybelline polish remover! I saw it today and thought it was the coolest idea ever but wasn't sure if it was a gimmick or not.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. The price tag is quite steep for a scarf but I personally think it's worth the price! I still have yet to try the in-shower lotion, hoping it wasnt a waste of money. I just tried out the Maybelline polish remover today, review should be up soon :)

  2. Nivea is great - it is my fav brand!

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