Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

I personally think a good face routine is what will make your skin look and feel better. If you're suffering from the dreaded pimples and blemishes or if your face is just an oil factory, a good cleanser can help.
I have oily + combo skin and I get small pimples around my forehead and nose if I dont wash my face so a cleaner is a compulsory part of my morning+night routine.
I purchased the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser at my Woolworths on sale for $9.79 (and no I did not use my staff discount sadly). I was tossing between other cleansers but I decided to pick this one since it has been a long time since I've used a cream cleanser.

The only time that I've ever tried a Neutrogena cleanser before was when I tried out their free mini samples that they gave away on their facebook, and only one of the samples impressed me because of the grapefruit scent, other than that I wasnt "wowed" nor did I despise the products. I am a big fan of their sunscreens though!
I just dont get pulled in by their packaging as much, they just look too plain and average for my liking, though this cleanser is stored in a big pastel orange squeeze tube which is part of their Deep Clean range.

This cleanser does contain an amount of 200g which I am sure it will last months and you only need a pea size and a half amount for your entire face, any less, it doesnt cover your face and any more than that, it feels like you used too much cleanser. Sadly I still havent mastered the perfect amount since I am always either putting too much or too little. 
When you apply it on your face it doesnt foam up, which did bother me cause I love the feeling of having a cleaner that foams up and lathers well, but this is literally like a cream that cleanses. But what I love about this cleanser is the feeling you get when you wash it off, it is so refreshing! It's a perfect wake up call when I wake up and my face is just covered in oil... it washes the oil, leaves my face super clean and refreshed.

I usually wash my face in the morning and at night when Im either showering or getting ready for bed.
It hasnt broken me out and just works so well. I highly recommend this cleanser if youre looking for a new one to try.

Have you tried any of the Neutrogena cleansers?


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