Saturday, September 27, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

When I heard about the new Benefit Push Up liner releasing, it was one of those makeup products that hit number 1 on my wishlist instantly. Being an eyeliner junkie the thought that a gel liner in a pen form was the most exciting thing to have been invented, no more brush to wash and the struggles of dipping the brush in constantly. 
I was lucky enough to get this on my birthday from my brother which wasnt surprising as I kept pestering him about it and how amazing it is even though I never tried it before.
Yes, I am aware that Maybelline did come out with the first gel liner in pen form which I am super tempted to try as the Benefit Push-Up Liner wasnt exactly the "holy grail eyeliner" that I though it would be.

Firstly with the packaging, I am actually a big fan of! With a twist off lid its a lot more easier to open compared with the KPalette liner which requires me to use a crap load of pressure to remove and even if my fingers arent grippy or if they're covered in hand cream. the cap twists off nicely without much trouble.
The body is in similar shape with the They're Real Mascara which is also a nifty design to hold onto and also makes the liner look a whole lot appealing.
When you first open the lid there will be a plug/stopper thats in the tip which Im assuming is to prevent the liner from drying out too quick, but I was lazy in taking the stopper and putting it back in as it became too messy and annoying so I ended up just never plugging the tip and also losing it of course.

Im sure most of you know about the angled accuflex tip which is the main focus of this eyeliner. You twist the base and the gel liner comes out of the tip.
I found the tip to be surprisingly easy to use, its like using an angled eyeliner brush but smaller and controlled. 
I know there were definitely some problems with the tip such as twisting too much and having to wipe of the excess liner. Even when you close the lid and you open it back up the next day, sometimes 1-millimeters of eyeliner comes out (might not be the same if you left the stopper in) which is also a waste but the biggest problem was that you do sometimes have to twist extra liner out and wipe it on a tissue or the back of your hand when you use it the next day because there will be a layer of dried liner or at least not smooth compared to when it was freshly twisted out. but that could also be the problem of not leaving the stopper in. 

Benefit claims that this eyeliner doesnt smudge, budge and that its waterproof. which won me over along with many raves and positives reviews I saw on this liner.
I knew the ultimate test for the eyeliner would be during a school day which is usually the time when most of my eyeliners with either smudge and/or separate at the ends.
Sadly this eyeliner was probably the biggest pain in the butt, it smudged and transferred under my eyes and what made it worse was that this eyeliner actually a pain to remove so having to remove the black ring around my eyes took a lot of scrubbing and constant wiping. It wasnt even a hot day aswell, literally a cold winters day and the smudging was horrible. 
I tested this liner out on a work day which is pretty much either 3 or 5 hours of standing rarely any sweat seeps through and it still smudged on me but luckily it wasnt anything major.
After all the smudging I ditched this liner but then gave it a second change with the Too Face Shadow Insurance primer underneath and the smudging is massively reduced, though I find it to still smudge at the end of the day  but nothing too raccoon-ish.
Though I can say on the plus side that this is the most pigmented gel liner I have came across and also the smoothest. The application of this is definitely the fun part but there can be times when the accuflex tip drags on the skin and doesnt create a smooth line. 

I have been using olive oil to remove this liner and it does the job well. I would say that this eyeliner is water resistant but probably not so waterproof. I have tested this in the rain and there was no smudging whatsoever but I wouldnt trust it enough to go underwater with it.
It was a shame that this wasnt the holy grail eyeliner that I have still yet to find but Ill still be using this when Im going out for a short period of time, obviously using a primer underneath!

What's your thoughts on the Push-Up Liner?


  1. I've been hearing a lot of mixed things about this, and it really doesn't sound too up my alley at all! The smudging and transferring sounds terrible! Also what's the convenience if you have to constantly wipe (and waste) product off the tip.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Dont waste your money on this product, Im just glad I didnt buy it myself! Im surprised that it smudged a lot, with previous gel liners they were easy to remove but smudged less and with this one it was a pain to remove yet it smudged too much.. I just want to quickly use this liner up so I can try some other eyeliners out.

  2. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews too, I have hooded eyes, smudging is the last thing I want in my eyeliners!!

    1. I have part-hooded lids so I feel you!! I find that gel and pencil liners never work for me, liquid is the only one that doesnt smudge but it does separate at the ends...