Monday, September 8, 2014

Mattify that Face! || Physicians Formula Super BB Powder

I was shopping at iHerb a few months back and found the Physicians Formula Super BB Powder, it had decent reviews on the iHerb website and the "BB" part of the name made me think that it was a BB cream in powder form so I automatically put it in the shopping cart. Using it for the first time was quite a disappointment, I was expecting at least a decent amount of coverage but for me it was just a powder. But compared to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and all its hype, it definitely defeats it with its lasting power!

What I found interesting about this product was how it calls itself a sunscreen. It does contain SPF 30 which is a common thing in most BB creams (especially the Asian brands) but in a pressed powder?! Definitely a bonus. Though I would not recommend using this powder alone or without sunscreen for sun protection, especially in summer.
But aside for the SPF and protecting factor of this powder it does claim to have 10+ Beauty Benefits:
Pore Minimizing
I would say that about half of the claims from the list is about right for me, smoothing, protecting (atleast I think it's doing well in the long run), oil-control, setting and long-wearing. Its pretty much everything I would look for in a powder!

I personally am not a massive fan of the packaging, its bulky and not that travel friendly if you have a small makeup bag, and it also has that cheap feeling although it is sturdy as it has a lid that clicks in and opens up by pressing down a button on the bottom side. But there is a small flaw that just bothered me the first time I was opening it. When you fully flip open the lid after pressing the button, the middle compartment (where the powder lays) opens up so you have access to a mirror and a brush at the bottom (hence why its so bulky). But you have to hold down the middle compartment while opening the lid so it doesnt flip open with the lid...if that makes any sense. Its a small flaw to the packaging but Ive just gotten used to it so I dont have a problem with it now.

I found that with my normal Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, it lasted about 3 hours on a normal  school day before the oils of my face seeped through, But the BB Powder lasted a whole school day, no oils peeping through. I was impressed when I looked through the mirror in the car and my face was oil-free, best feeling ever haha!
But what I really love about this product is how it leaves my skin looking glowy rather than oily, it doesnt have the glow of what a highlighter or illuminator would give but it is a slight natural glow which you will notice after using this.
Though it may be the a con if you are looking for complete matte-ness or even dry skin, I find that it will emphasize the dryness but it doesnt stick onto dry patches or anything like that, you will just see the dehydration of the skin because of the glow.
I usually use this with my Ecotools powder brush over on top of my moisturizer or bb cream and works perfectly fine without any product underneath as well.
Would recommend this one for the combin/oily skinned peeps out there!

You can purchase this at iHerb here


  1. this is my favourite powder! im actually almost and will have to repurchase soon. I have to completely agree with you with the packaging - it is a complete bulky mess. Im srsly contemplating on depotting it out

    1. Would be such a great idea to depot it actually saves so much more space!!!