Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sanitary Cuteness

After working at Woolies for over a year now, Im always noticing when new products are out on the shelves, which is whenever I serve a customer and I scan an unfamiliar item. 
Last month I noticed a couple of customers purchasing the Palmolive Hand Sanitisers, literally my first impression was "MINI PALMOLIVE BODY WASH?!!" but no, walking down to the beauty aisle of my Woolies, I later realised that it was a hand sanitiser and I obviously had to get it!
Im not going to go indepth as this is going to be a mini review, but this is just your typical hand sanitiser but with the most amazing scents. Seriously Palmolive makes the best smelling products, hands down, cant even get started on their Strawberry Smoother body wash!!

I bought the Raspberry scent first and the Fig & Coconut scent 2 weeks after because I just had to try the scent out, they costed around $4 at Woolies but they do sell it for $3 at MyChemist.
Starting with the Raspberry scent, it does have a soapy scent, mixed with a sweetness of raspberry, but it just reminds me of soap, but honestly I still loved it. Even the little purple beads inside made me want to use it 24/7 just because the curiousity of how the beads burst while you rub it into your hands.
The Fig & Coconut on the other hand smells like heaven. You will definitely smell the coconut in this but not so much the fig, it smells like Coconut and vanilla mixed in one, my favourite out of the two.
The scent of these bad boys, lingers on until you continuously wash your hands with soap or happen to wash the dishes without gloves on. Its the best when my hands are near my hand and I can smell the Fig & Coconut scent, makes me melt in my chair.
If you happen to pop down to MyChemist or Chemist Warehouse you do have to pick one up, its such a cute addition in the handbag and even the desk.


  1. Haha, I love the mini packaging! I like that more brands are coming out with hand sanitisers that don't smell like alcohol! I might have to check these out :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. The only reason why i purchased them haha!! Totally agree with you, though just a little heads up, it only smells like alcohol if you sniff it straight from the bottle, but the scent isnt noticable once you rub it in your hands!

  2. Oh, these look so cute! I love the scent options, too :)

    1. i know right?!! Im waiting until they hopefully release new scents :D