Sunday, December 28, 2014

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Dark Red Brown

Having dyed brown hair for about 3 years I've been completely sick of seeing it on my hair. After contemplating getting my natural hair colour back for a couple of days Ive also been stuck on changing my hair colour to a red/brown shade. I did major researching on foam hair dyes being sold in Australian stores and came across the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour. 
There wasnt much reviews or pictures for this one so I was a tad worried on the colour outcome but considering that red shades do fade I would still be back to brown in the future. 

My usual hair colour/ bleached ends/ w natural ombre
I dont think I've ever tried having red/brown hair so it was an exciting thought to me so I did end up doing the most impulsive thing ever, walking to the shops at about 7/8pm to the nearest Chemist Warehouse just to get the dye . Lucky for me there are 2 nearby across the road from each other and the first CW I went to were sold out of the colour so I did go across to the other CW and got 2 boxes of the Dark Red Brown shade, there was a cherry one which Im tempted to try out next! 

Anyways lazy me did not end up taking pictures of the actual packaging and the dying equipment but to describe it, the product comes out of 2 cans that dispenses from the pump. You pump it into your hand which gives you 2 foamy blobs, white and red which you have to mix and then apply onto your hair, simple. It comes out like a mousse and is super easy to apply, as of most foam hair dyes, you just massage it into your hair like you would with shampoo. But best thing about this dye is the fact that you can use this more than once, so you can save the left over product for your regrowth or future use!

I ended up using one box and a couple of pumps from my second box which is pretty good as I do have medium/long hair. As time goes the foam does disappear and leaves your hair with the typical hair dye feeling aside from having dripping dye. 
I left the dye on for about 30-40 minutes before washing it out and my gosh the water did not run clear for me until the third day which I'm going to assume that it was already fading from each wash (and i do wash my hair everyday). It didnt leave any stains on my pillow case and the countertop and was an easy clean on my skin. 

Freshly washed & dried
4 days later
a week later
It has been 2/3 weeks and my hair has completely faded from the red, it is now a chestnut brown, around 2-3 shades darker from my original brown. I still have a tinge of red near my roots but not that noticeable unless under the sun.
I am bummed out that it faded so quick but thats the only con for using a red dye. They do have a Dark Cherry shade which is apparently a dark purple that Im eyeing for the future.
This dye may not suit everyones cup of tea as I dont think it would come up on darker hair, I do have noticable regrowth on the inner parts of my hair (neck area) as most of my horrendous hair dying always missed that part and I found with this dye it didnt do a fantastic job in that area. But aside from that I will be using this dye in the future as it did not damage my hair whatsoever, its still the usual and didnt feel dry after dying it and using the conditioner/hair treatment that it came with.
Ill probably be dying my hair once again next week and see if it will darken my hair!

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