Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Viva La Juicy

I have never been one to buy perfume in a smaller size, Im usually the one that buys the full sized perfume, I mean you either go big or go home!
Though before my dad left to go overseas, its usually a thing to go to Mychemist and buy the perfumes that are always on sale and he let me choose a perfume as a nice gift for myself. Not many of them stood out to me and I thought why not try the Viva La Juicy, marked down from $60 to I think it was $20-$30, I did get a whiff of it in stores and it won me over.

 Viva La Juicy is known for its hot pink bow, appearing in quite a few beauty bloggers vanity or makeup table as it does stand out. Im a sucker for packaging and I just love how the bow just pops out from my perfume collection. Even the crystal top makes it feel so much more classy!
The bottle is a 30ml and fits perfectly in the palm of my hands, would also be a great size to fit in your handbag.

From the first smell, it really reminded me of Katy Perry's Meow mixed in with Britney Spears Fantasy and my gosh it is a lovely combination. I found with Meow that it was too night time-ish for me and for Fantasy that was way too sweet for my liking and mixed together Viva La Juicy is my current perfume favourite! (but Im not trying to say it is the exact perfume combo, just reminds me of a mixture of both)
The scent is on the sweet side but it isnt sickly/overly sweet which I love about it, it reminds me a bit of caramel with a hint of floral which is you are a fan of these scents you may want to check this one out!
The scent lasts a good 6 hours until it becomes a subtle scent, it is very wearable for daily use and I have been picking this up quite a lot for everyday wear and I have not been sick of it yet.

What are your thoughts on Viva La Juicy?


  1. This Perfume comes in such a classy but fun bottle! ^ ^

    1. Oh yes! The pink bow stands out from my perfume collection haha :)

  2. Viva la Juicy smells so good! I am a bit of a perfume addict, and I always love getting more :) Sadly perfumes are so expensive :(

    Emily //