Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mechanical Arm Makeup

The reason why special effects makeup intrigues me is how you can use makeup to create something unreal. After watching so many youtube videos of transformations of movie characters and Halloween creations it just looks so awesome, from the before and after aspects!
I've recently been drawing on my hand/arm copying henna prints and I thought why not try the robot/mechanical arm makeup Ive seen a couple of people do.

There are so many creations of the robot arm, and I wanted something not too intensely detailed or too simple, so I did find this picture of a mechanical tattoo and I thought it wouldnt be too hard to copy the cogs and pipes and the tone wasnt too scary. And come on, Im not creative enough to think of my own design!

First starting off, I used a white eyeliner pencil to sketch the main shapes then went on to the detailed parts. I started with white since it was a lot easier to fix up if I messed up and also drawing on top of it with black liner makes it a great template!

Next I used my MAC Fluidline and RT Silicone Liner brush to outline everything and then I got into shading and tonal work.
The white reflective parts were from the white eyeliner pencil which I made sure to colour in wherever the white would show in the reference picture.
I did have a tissue with me since the brushes I was using required me to wipe off the excess liner!
I started from the right working towards the left.
I did have trouble toning the cogs which you can see the crappy blending and off colour, whoops D:
The gel liner literally dried on the skin so quickly so I pretty much had 5 seconds to blend before it was set. 

The last thing I did was putting in some extra details by the edges to make it look like it was apart of my arm, but lets face it, it doesnt really look like that, it just makes it look better imo!
But I started off using gel liner, but the blending was frustrating me so I was using a cotton bud to quickly blend it and also added some black eyeshadow with a blending brush to darken it up a bit.

Products/Tools Used:
-Missha White Eyeliner Pencil
-MAC Blacktrack Fluidline 
-Essence Black Eyeshadow
-Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush
-Maybelline Gel Liner Brush
-Sigma Tapered Blending E40
-Cotton Buds

 The entire thing took me 3 hours to do, very very time consuming but I was watching youtube videos and New Girl as I have to multitask whenever im doing anything especially watching videos.
Will probably trying something similar again as it is quite a fun thing to do for me so if you guys have any suggestions in what I could do next that would be good!