Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shanghai Suzy Miss Kitty || LOTD

Probably one of the most underrated lipstick brands out their would be Shanghai Suzy, it just does not get enough attention in the beauty community!! 
Although the lasting power is pretty standard for me the colours of each seasonal shade makes me drool over them.
I bought the Miss Kitty hoping to get into berry lipstick colours during the winter time but I never got around to using it as the shade didnt make me want to bother with making sure my lips were fully smooth and also how much of a change from using brighter lipstick colours would be.
Hiding in my lipstick drawer, I though why not just use it again even though it may not be "summer appropriate"

Recently it has been my go-to shade just for a pop-in to the shops, doing my late Christmas shopping and grocery runs I've somehow been confortable in wearing it out which I am proud to say. 
I actually have it on my lips right now and the colour is just too gorgeous for me to not use it.
I am quite the lazy person so I dont really bother with a lip liner to outline the lips or to use a lipbrush for a better application so I do apply straight from the bullet and it is somewhat of a hit an miss in terms of getting a dark lip shade looking perfect. Yesterdays application took quite awhile as the edges I had to keep redoing but today I got it looking decent with no fuss. But that's what you get with darker lip shades but in the end it's worth it.

After this swatch, I accidentally smudged it on my white doona and will not come off guys :(

Being a matte dark berry-pink lippy, I do need to exfoliate my lips before applying it as it will cling onto dry spots and wont look as smooth. 
The lipstick goes on somewhat smoothly and does not dry the lipsticks which is the best part!
I find from eating+drinking it will leave the dreaded lipliner look from the lipstick fading on the inside so I only ever use this lipstick when Im going out to the shops by myself, it will be a high maintenance lipstick if you are out eating as reapplication will be needed.
Other than that, it doesnt bleed or smudge (as long as you dont touch the lips) and did me well with a good 1-2 hour shop in the heat.

Disclaimer: I purchased this lipstick with my own money!


  1. That shade looks great on your lips! I have a few Shanghai Suzy lipsticks. They do make awesome colours!
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, i have to hold myself down whenever new shades pop up haha! xx

  2. This looks really pretty, I love these sorts of deep berry-reds. I have heard pretty amazing things about the SS line - the colours are so amazing! I definitely need to add some to my collection.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. You really have to pick some up, the summer shades look amazing if you havent already seen them!!