Thursday, January 14, 2016

Metallic Fashion Tattoos || Wonderstripes*

Summers out which means flash tattoos are back on!
I remember my childhood days where temporary tattoos were the rage. 
I found out about the trend coming back last year which made me rekindle that love for the tattoos, especially when I first saw it being metallic rather than the plan black ones. 
And seeing them everywhere on social media photos in outfits and people rocking them out in parties and in public, I just wanted to get my hands on them.

Classic Set
Colour Set
Wonderstripes contacted me to try out their new (at the time) Metallic Fashion Tattoos that were being released and I was happy to try them out as I have previously worked with Wonderstripes on their infamous Instant Eye Lift tape.
I was sent the two sets of Metallic Tattoos that they have available the 'Classic Set' and 'Colour Set'.
Each set comes with 3 sheets of the tattoos with various designs and patterns.
The Classic Set I find has the more basic designs while the Colour Set has more geometric, fun designs with also some basics.
The process in applying the tattoos is pretty straightforward for those who have done temporary tattoos before. Cutting the design you want, placing it down onto wherever you want it, wetting a towel/tissue and dabbing it on the back of the tattoo until it is wet but not dripping too much water and then pulling the paper off the tattoo.

I haven't tried other Metallic/Flash Tattoos before so I cant compare this with others, but I can say I am in love with the quality of both and the designs in the Colour Set.
I have been mainly using the long designs to wrap around my upper arm just to jazz up my outfit, and the metallic comes up beautifully. 
I get so many compliments from them whenever I use them out and it just works in replacement of jewellery without the hassle of it getting in the way!!
Though the only downside of it is that the tattoos do tend to crack apart after a few days and don't look smooth anymore. It does last up to 3 weeks if I try not to exfoliate over it.

I highly recommend trying these babies out!

RRP: $19.99


*Product was sent to me for consideration! The review is honest as always~


  1. I love these gold temp tattoos they are so pretty!!


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