Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On Fleek || Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

You can probably tell which is old and new haha!
Ive been using my current Dipbrow Pomade for quite some time now and with it starting to dry up around the edges and become dry and patchy to apply at times I thought it would be a great excuse to go buy another one, also with me trying to grow out my natural hair colour, my regrowth is halfway down my head and it does look a tad weird having brown brows upon brown/black hair.
So during the Christmas times my brother decided to order a present for his girlfriend on Beautybay and it was the perfect opportunity to buy another dip brow in a black shade. 

Im pretty sad that i didn't get to review this when I first got the chance of having this in my hands, but in saying that, I have to admit I wasn't really a fan of this during the first few times of using it. 
It didn't stay in place during the sweaty months, especially when I itched my brows and forgot I had product on them, but hey, what product will stay on an oily face even when you swipe your finger over it?
Though in the cooler months it did say in place, no fading or smudging and no need to worry in checking your brows during a night out.

I have been using this in place of the usual eyebrow powder and this is the part where I love this product fits in... the way your brows look so much more defined compared to powder. 
I found with powder that I would have to keep layering more on to create a bold brow but with the dip brow it made my brows smack bang nicely shaped.
I have tested the dip brow with different angled brushes and depending on what you want your brows to look, any will work with this product. For myself I prefer a denser brush that will line my brows into the shape i want as well as blend out the product aka The Body Shop Slanted Brush.
I was previously using a smaller angled eyeliner brush (Beautybay) but I found it took more time to use and being the lazy person that I am, a brush that can do the job quick and well is one for me!

Left: Dark Brown Right: Granite/Black

It is quite nice having a new pomade that isn't dried up as the creaminess wins me over.
You do have to be careful when using this as a little goes a long way, so don't go packing your brush with it on unless you want a sharpie brow!! (yes I've learnt this the hard way)
What I usually do is dip my brush once into the product a teeny bit and start to line my brows/draw the shape and fill them in, which is pretty much the same thing as the brow routine post I did, except I fill in the start of my brows more.

I would say that one of the cons that does get to me is the effort + time when using the dip brow, especially for the shape that I like to make them, I would say i spend up to 10 minutes max in perfecting them before moving onto my eye makeup. 
Im personally one of those people who can't leave the house without my brows done so rushing with the dip brow always ends in a crappy looking brow for me compared with using a pencil.

The pomade comes off easily with micellar water/non-oil based makeup removers or just by washing your face if you're lazy like I am.

I have been converted into using cream brow products ever since using this, I just cant think of going back to powder. Would highly recommend trying this for those brow junkies out there!!

What are your thoughts on Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products?!

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