Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blackout || Revlon Colourstay Skinny Liquid Liner

After 4 years of being an eyeliner junkie, I'm still on the quest of finding my "holy grail" perfect eyeliner, the one that can resist my super oily lids and super watery eyes.
All the ones I've tried have either gave me the ring of death (raccoon eyes), separated on the ends (due to watery eyes) or flaked into my eye or under my eye. 
I bought the Revlon Skinny Liquid Liner at Mychemist during one of the 50% sales in hope that this could potentially be a decent one for daily use or even one of my favourite eyeliners, I did give this high expectations as I see Revlon as a pretty good brand but sadly this eyeliner was just not the one for me.

 The Revlon Skinny Liquid Liner is what I assume to be one of their typical liner formulas but with a skinnier brush, I may be wrong with the formula being the same but the felt tip brush is definitely skinny. Im going to go straight to the point and just say Im not a big fan of felt tip liners, as much as they are easy to use I hate the precision it gives. I find with felt tip applicators, they start of in a nice shape and gradually becomes horrid, the tip is never in perfect condition which bothers me greatly as I do love a good wing but aside from that problem it is a skinny long brush which is one of the pluses as I can line the inner of my eyes quick but drawing in the wing is a big problem with this one so I do have to use my k-palette liquid liner to pre-draw my wing.

The pigmentation I would say is fairly average, it isnt the blackest eyeliner out there but it isnt surprising as this is a matte finish and I find that glossy liners have the best pigmentation.
You can get away with a layer of this on the lids but you can definitely put on a second layer no harm done.

L-R: Thinnest application || Thickest application || 2 layers done
The main issue I had with this liner was that my lids started to burn a tad when I applied it to the inner parts of my lid, it wasnt a painful burn but it was noticable, I am still using it and the burn is still there until the liner dries but my lids have not changed though I should probably stop using this liner incase. 
Other than that, the liner was typically like the ones I used before, it flaked, smudged a bit and separated on the wings at the end of the day. With a primer it does do all that but less so I find that I dont really bother with primer. 
With experimenting I made my eyeliner different to how I do it (pictured below), just to avoid the eyeliner separating.

Flaking and smudging at the bottom
Flaking, slight smudge and a hella load of separation there 

What are your thoughts on Revlon Liners?

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