Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Simple Eye Make-Up Remover

Simple has been one of those brands that dont speak out to me. I was always one to walk past their little space in the shelves at Priceline and even the supermarkets. I was running low on my current makeup removers at the time (Garnier & Maybelline) so I thought why not purchase a new one!? 
I purchased the Simple Makeup remover at Woolies when it was on sale hoping it to be a complete change as this is my first makeup remover that I've tried that isnt the whole half oil, half liquid business. But honestly guys, oil really does remove makeup well and this makeup remover just made me appreciate makeup removal with oil even more. 

I know the number one problem with oil based makeup removers is the greasy residue that we all hate. I hate the residue it leaves on my eyes and fingers with a passion, but I did find with the combination of either using micellar water to get rid of it or just cleansing the face right after it doesnt bother me as long as my makeup is gone off my eyes.
With the Simple makeup remover it doesnt leave an oily residue obviously but I do find that it reminds me of using micellar water, it's basically a water-like makeup remover for the eyes (but I assume with more chemicals).

It claims to "remove even waterproof mascara" which I have tested including the eyeliner that is a pain to remove, the Benefit Push-up liner. There is pictures of that along with the Benefit They're Real Mascara combination removal below.

Benefit They're Real Push up liner & They're Real Mascara

If the picture has won you over from the very last picture trust me it's not that great at removing waterproof makeup, I mean yeah it did get probably 95% of it off but with an oil based makeup remover it would take a third of the time it took removing it with Simple's one.
I left the cotton round on my eye for around 30 secs-a minute and only half of the makeup dissolved, the eyeliner just crumbled away but the other half stayed until I had to go in with round 2 and 3 to get it completely off, but even so there was still some eyeliner left on the lashline and some flakey bits on the bottom lashline. And up until that point my eye wanted to be left alone from the makeup removal.
I will say that this makeup removal is definitely great at removing the non-waterproof makeup, especially ones that are weak with water and I have been using it just for that. But if you are looking for a makeup remover for waterproof makeup, this may not be the one for you.


  1. Great informative post! I love the Simple makeup wipes but tend to stick to micellar water for liquids. Not a fan of oil based removers for some reason..I don't wear waterproof eye makeup so I have no issues luckily!
    x www.suelovexx.com

    1. Thanks Sue!! I know oil based removers are either a massive hit or miss, I lie in the middle but can totally understand why you arent a fan. So much more handier to wear non-waterproof eye makeup, envious that you can get away with it!! xx

  2. never tried it, but i do wear waterproof makeup.. so this will def not be for me lol

    1. Stay away from this one unless you plan on just using non water proof makeup!!