Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life & Updates;; A Monthly post!

Sorry I haven't posted for around a week, since school has started I don't have the motivation to edit + write up my posts. But I do have them on draft except they aren't fully complete so hopefully I will finish and post them up by this week :)
Anyways I just thought it would be a nice change to post up an update post around once a month about things going in my life, and maybe get to know a thing about me outside the blogging world!

Job Searching!

So recently I have been job searching and I went onto my Gmail app on my iphone, thinking that it was already logged in, I went on and noticed I was logged out. So I quickly logged back on and had over 15+ mails... I freaked out and lucky majority of it was just job alerts but I also got a email from Coles which caught my eye.

When I read it, I was literally crying, though I noticed that it was sent 12 days ago and so far they havent called me yet which has 50% of me thinking that I've been rejected and the other 50% thinking that they'll call me later. This would actually be my first job and I'm surprised they picked me since it's been 2 months since I've turned 15! 
But the funny thing to this story was that, a week before I got that email, my brother got a text from Coles letting him know that they were looking for people to hire which is why I applied, but his friend also applied but sadly got rejected. 

Mail packages.

Came back from studying at the library afterschool and got some mail! (Who doesn't like getting packages?!).

The first package came envelope which I assumed that it was the dust plug I ordered on ebay!
And the second package was in a box which was the Diva Glamour Pack I got from the CokeUnleashed site!
You only need to get 45 points (5 coke bottles) and came with a pink and red nail polish and earrings, Which I won't be wearing, so I might save it for a future giveaway? ;)

Adorable right?!?
Hope you guys like these kinds of posts?  Just a good excuse to keep my blog more alive and running! Now it's time to edit my reviews. Byee!


  1. Hello :D! Im a melbournian too and good luck to your upcoming interview :D

    The bow dust plug is sooo cute <3 hahaa I got some at once but now stop using it since I listened to music from my phone very often lol

    1. Hi! Yay nice to see another Melboune bblogger :D
      Thank you :)
      I fell in love with it when I first saw it haha, I rarely listen to music on my phone, I only listen to music on my computer!