Sunday, October 14, 2012

Job Interview Clothing Haul!

So I have finally got my job interview message and I needed some new clothes to wear before wednesday! The message said that I had to wear appropriate business attire and I pretty much had my outfit all sorted in my mind.

Colour Longline Blazer @ JayJays -$39.95

I've always wanted to own a blazer, seemed like an essential to every closet. Sadly JayJays only had 2 more blazers left and the only sizes were size 8 and size 14, size 8 was very tight on me and size 14 was a bit more baggier. 

Sleeveless Button Up Shirt @ Vallygirl- $6.95

Finally Valleygirl has opened in my Westfield! I was so excited, since the nearest Valleygirl from me was around 15-30 minutes away from me. The store had a 30% off opening sale. I actually own a yellow one of these and I love it! I am probably going to buy all the colours if I ever get a job.

Short Black City Dressing Bi Stretch Pants @ Target- $20

Lastly I bought some work pants, I'm pretty sure majority of the major retail stores and fast food chains require black pants. So I don't have a worry if I don't get in Coles. It was pretty sad that I was the only teenage girl shopping around the work clothes at Target, but luckily the womens sizes fit me.

Now I was also contemplating between swapping the blazer to a black cardigan, I have a feeling that I'll be the only person wearing formal-ish wear, if not then the only teenager wearing formal-ish wear. Any thoughts would be helpful! I'll also be wearing some cute black bow flats from Rubi Shoes. It would also be pretty awkward for me to walk around wearing formal wear around a shopping centre (I mean there's nothing wrong with it but, teenager in business clothes seems off to me)


  1. I think the black cardigan will be good! Good luck and I hope all goes well!

  2. The shirt looks so nice and such a bargain too! Good luck for your interview :)

    1. I'm glad they opened up a Valleygirl near me, they have the best clothes for a really good price! Thank you :)

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