Saturday, September 29, 2012

Giveaway Goodies!

As you can see, yes I won another giveaway!
It came in the mail 2 days ago, I was just in the procrastination mode so I never got to post it up.
Giveaways get me so excited, I actually can't wait until I hold a giveaway myself.
I won Dawns 600 Follower Giveaway, I never expected to win it so I didnt have any expectations until I got a email, I couldn't wait to recieve it!

They came in the mail well packaged, I got the MUA's Heaven and Earth, Undressed and Pretty Pastel pallettes! They looked smaller than I thought it was but it made them extra cute.

Pretty Pastel Palette

I was going to buy this myself since the colours look bright and colourful. Also perfect to use since Spring has came along in Australia!

Heaven and Earth Palette

I have never owned a brown eyeshadow palette before since I was always getting the palettes that had black or grey tones. But I can't wait to use the matte browns in my crease!

Undressed Palette

 I heard that this was the dupe to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Honestly I never knew what the rave was about on the Naked palette since I'm not too keen on shimmer eyeshadows, but seeing this palette has got me at love at first sight haha :)


  1. wow what an amazing giveaway! Some great products :)

    would love if you could check out my blog and we could maybe follow each other?