Monday, September 24, 2012

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil - Jet Black

After hearing so many raves on this and seeing so many beauty gurus using this on their waterline, I was always wanting to buy this, since I am still looking for my HG black pencil eyeliner for the waterline.

I actually got this eyeliner from the Rimmel Xmas 2011 Pack which should be discontinued by now but you can also get this eyeliner at places that sell Rimmel stuff, which will cost around $8 unless it's on sale.

Got the colour in 061 Jet Black, luckily it was the one I wanted!

The tip will be much sharper when you first get it, I just used it.
On the Rimmel website it claimed that the eyeliner was:
Soft, smudgeable colour with an improved staying power.
Soft: Yes
Smudgable: Yes
Staying Power: No
I'll explain the staying power later on.

Comparison of Milani and Rimmel
As you can see, Milani is still the most pigmented black eyeliner I own but if you keep building up the colour for the Rimmel eyeliner it does become a deep black.

The staying power after 3 hours.
Okay I did cheat a bit, I put on the eyeliner at home and left it on to see how long it would last for and it only lasted for 3 hours before the eyeliner started to melt in the inner parts due to my watery eyes.
I also did use the eyeliner on the top lashline (not in the picture) to use at school since I had no liquid eyeliner to use and it gave me panda eyes at the end of the day sadly. (I have extremely oily eyelids so there's no surprise there)

I wouldn't repurchase this but it might work for the less oily eyelidders!
and I am still in the faze of trying out all black pencil eyeliners out there so more eyeliner reviews to come!

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  1. try maybelline kohl liner , master drama