Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo-Tough as Taupe

I'm pretty sure most people have heard about the Color Tattoos and its amazing "24hr wear" and the range of colours. I personally really wanted the taupe color seeing as though I have never owned a taupe eyeshadow and it was also non shimmer/glitter and I have a thing for matte eyeshadows!

Purchased this at Priceline while it was on sale for $9.56!
Got the one in 35 Tough as Taupe. I heard some other countries had different names and packaging to the Australian one? 
Contains 14oz/4g, quite a lot of product for my use.

The bottom of the Color Tattoo has the sticker on it. I like how it's in a jar form as it is a lot easier to store in my makeup drawer. But I found that the bottom of the jar was kind of wasteful since it was just 1cm of emptiness that could've been filled with product or just removed to make the jar a lot more smaller.

In flash
Accidentally shoved my fingernail in it... :(
The colour looked like a dark taupe colour, its great as an overall lid color or a base aswell!
I use it on my lids and sometimes with some sheer black shadow on the outer corners.

When you dip your fingers in in the product actually looks more darker than what was in the jar. 

As for the product it did crease a very very small bit on my lids (I have very oily lids so no surprise) after around 6ish hours, which is amazing for my lids, if you have normal lids it would definitely stay on your lids for along time, maybe 24 hours. But the creasing I didnt mind since it isn't noticeable unless I close my lids. (the skin above my crease fold over my lids so my eyelid is pretty small), but when I used this product on my lower lashline it faded and smudged. 

As for the pigmentation it does look like what it looks like once you dip your fingers in it. It's also build able and dries matte! 


I would give this product a 4.5/5, it didn't last on my lower lashline sadly.
I would definitely repurchase this though!


  1. the packaging seems to be slightly different to the ones here in uk, or is it just me lol.
    I have this in the bronze colour, love this product

    1. Yeah I think the packaging is different to the one here in Aus!
      I love the color tattoos aswell, except im not too daring to wear the brighter colors

  2. I love most of the color tattoos i really wanted to pick up this shade but was worried it would look to muddy on my eyes.

    1. I really want to try the Bronze one except I'm not really into shimmery products. You could always use this as a base with another eyeshadow, or just somehow work with this, since it is buildable!

  3. never tried this before. thank you for the review.

  4. tagged you in my latest tag! :) ( http://cursive-beauty . blogspot . com . au /2012/09/lazy-sunday-6-get-to-know-me-tag.html)