Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Essence Kajal Eye Pencil- Neon Sweetie

Months ago I went shopping at Target and never got to do this review, since I never ended up using this eyeliner daily, but I did use it one day while finding a new eye look.
So Essence is usually found at Target and Priceline, I found this at Targets bargain basket filled with Essence products, this eyeliner was $1 so I bought 2 since my favourite colour is yellow and I love eyeliners!
It claims it has high precision application and is long-lasting.

I found it pretty odd how they were the same colours on the packaging but on the product one was a lighter yellow than the other. 


-Easy to apply
-Colour is buildable


-Didn't last long, if you touched it it would fade almost immediately!
-The colour is discontinued I think, I can't find the colour anymore.



  1. How weird is it that the shades aren't consistent? Some quality control issues! Maybe that's why it was discontinued :p

    1. I know right?! Yeah maybe, but I really like the light yellow pencil even though it didn't last long, it's a shame that the colour discontinued. :/

  2. I haven't tried any products from Essence before, besides nail polishes. But the eyeliners sound lovely. I must give them a try :)

    1. The eyeliners are very pigmented! but the staying power never lasts for me sadly. You should try the eyeshadows too they are amazing! :)