Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ecotools Power Brush

After using a sponge to apply my powder for quite awhile, i was always wanting a powder brush to apply my powder but i never got around to doing it because of the prices ($10-$20). I popped into Priceline a few weeks ago and decided to go buy the Ecotools powderbrush (i want a Ecotools collection :p) it costed me $17.99 which was out of my budget, but i was in a spending spree mood. But it was all worth it because it was a good quality brush. (come on it's Ecotools!)

What I love about Ecotools is that the brushes come in a reusable pouch (I just store it away) and the brushes are also earth-friendly and cruelty free! Each brush pouch has a green tip on each with different tips to be green! (very useful) and it also tells you how to use the brush. What I didn't like about the pouch was that it was securely shut, so if you have grippy fingers or long nails it would come in handy. I mean it's good that it was secure and all but it hurt my nails afterwards.

So the brush is synthetic and was very soft, when I first got this I was running this over my face. But the sides of the brush hairs feel a bit rough, it didnt matter though since I wasn't going to be using the sides. If you can see in the picture the brush is angled which helps to get every nook and cranny, also can be used to apply blush and bronzer!


-Good for the environment!
-Soft at the tips
-The packaging is simple yet attractive to me
-Comes with a pouch which would be handy if you're travelling!
-Applys my powder evenly
-Versatile, you can apply your blush & bronzer with it (I use it to contour my cheeks)
-Hasn't shedded on me


-Expensive, but it is worth it!
-Hard to open the pouch.

Showing how much product it can pick up.
Im not exactly a makeup brush expert since this is the first powder brush I've got. 


  1. Great review hun. I love eco tools brushes. I have not tried this brush but their kabuki brush is amazing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog now following.

    1. Me too! I love the quality of the brushes. You should try this brush out its fantastic! Thanks, welcome to my blog now :)