Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Frizz || My top 3 tricks

Before I did my ends ombre last year, you could say that I had hair that I wish I had now. Before using the boxed hair dye that I forever regret using (talking about you Loreal Feria Ombre), I never experienced frizzy ends. I rarely woke up with tangled hair, a birds nest in my hair I never even bothered to touch my hair brush because I didnt have to use it. 
Now I've come to the conclusion I wont be able to get that hair back until I cut my hair short. And for those who dont read my tweets, I do want to get  short hair sometime soon. Get my natural hair colour back and start afresh but until then, I have came up with my top 3 tricks that make my hair somewhat manageable when I wake up in the morning.

1. Braid your hair before you sleep

This is one that I swear by! Braiding your hair before you sleep. There are two ways you can do it, dry or wet and yes they both do different things on what you want the next morning.
For those days where you want a fancy wavy hairstyle and less frizzy ends, I recommend you braid your hair while its damp and let it dry through the day/night and make sure you sleep with it dry. You can definitely just braid it while its dry but the waves may be less dominant. Also sleeping with it dry, you may end up folding your hair while you sleep (depending on how you sleep & where the braid is at). I personally like to do a side braid or sometimes pigtail braids.
As for the wet braid, the method behind this is: washing your hair 1-2 hours before you sleep and braid it while its damp and sleep with it while its damp, you will wake up with wet hair still but when you take the braid out your hair will be back to your normal hair, no wavy hairstyle, just like you washed it in the morning. 
This trick works for me well but experiment with this and you're bound to find the right way to do it if these dont work for you!

2. Use a hair treatment/conditioner

This is an obvious one, use a hair treatment, whether its a hair mask, hair oil or just a plain old hair conditioner, use it!!
The ones Im using at the moment are the MorocconOil Treatment and the Tresemme Keretin Smooth Hair Conditioner!
I do wash my hair everyday (yes Im aware its not good for my roots) and I use whatever shampoo there is in the bathroom but I purchase my own conditioner. I have been on the lookout for a good conditioner and this one has been my favourite out of the bunch. It states that it controls frizz for up to 48 hours which I personally think is not true, if I sleep with my hair not in a braid I will wake up with the ultimate frizzy hair so no it does not help in that way. But it is honestly great to use in the morning, keeps my ends super smooth and untangled through the day!
As for the Moroccan Oil, I wouldnt say its amazing but it does tame my frizzy ends if I end up having some in the morning. I love the scent of it and doesnt leave my ends looking oily.

3. Trim those ends!!

Last but not least, trim your hair. The only way to get rid of your frizz is to chop it from where it starts which for me is from my collar bones but until the day I go to the hairdressers and get it short, I just trim atleast an inch off. I did do it myself and yes it has made my hair so much more manageable, so ive dedicated myself to trim my hair atleast one a month until I see a huge improvement of my frizz gone! And if youre wondering, I use a hair razor to trim my ends.

What are your top morning frizz tips?

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