Friday, November 28, 2014


Im sure most of us have heard about double eyelid tape, especially in the Asian region where double eyelids are considered a good thing in the beauty world. Bigger eyes, and also a visible crease line. It is quite a hard product to grab especially in Australia unless you do live close to an Asian beauty store or even a Daiso. Which is probably a reason why it isnt a well known product, I mean most caucasion people have double eyelids, whats the point of getting one?! Well little did I know there is a product out there, which is very similar (probably identical) that helps lift the drooping and hooded eyelids to give a youthful look.

Before I go on, it would be best to watch this video [here] just to get the jist of how these are applied and also the before and after results, which I personally think is the best part!
Wonderstripes is targeted towards people who do have droopy/hooded eyelids and I can say that it would work wonders for people who have bigger eyes but I on the other hand have small hooded asian eyes and using the Wonderstripes did not suit me whatsoever but it did work to change my eyelid shape which would be handy when playing around with different eye looks and transformations!

They retail at $27 each and do come in two different sizes, small and medium and they also come in 2 sheets with 64 pieces altogether. Which lasts for a month if you are using this daily.
What I find surprising is how sturdy these tapes are, I mean I always think of eyelid tapes as thin stickers that would not last but the Wonderstripes are legit, they smooth onto your lids and when they are on your lids, they are on your lids until you remove them!
I know I wont be having much use out of these as I would like to but I do want to share a tip in which using the Wonderstripes may help you with. 
Uneven eyelids, I used to suffer from having a triple crease in one lid and a normal double eyelid on the other and how I fixed them was by using double eyelid glue, and if you havent figured already, eyelid tape is pretty much the same thing. Michelle Phan did do a video a few years ago on uneven lids which is how I figured out the trick. 
I still do suffer from waking up with a triple eyelid once or twice a year and I know it would be the one occasion in using the Wonderstripes to fix it. 

Honestly I am stoked that eyelid tape is starting to drift into the rest of the world. You would think that it would only be used for monolids but it works well for the double lidded people out there!
You can see above that it has made my eyes bigger just from making my lids more visible but the downside is that the tape did peek through which apparently isnt supposed to happen unless you apply it right but lets face it, my lids are small, it will be visible.
If you arent exactly used to eyelid tape or it is your first time using it, it's an odd feeling but I like to think that it literally lifts the eyes!
Definitely recommend to people looking for an alternative to eyelid surgery!


Disclaimer: I was sent this for reviewing purposes, as always it is my honest review!


  1. I've always wanted to try eyelid tape (because seriously, I want bigger eyes haha) but I have a feeling they'll be an epic fail on me. I don't even have double eyelids, I have monolids and I'm sure if I tried to use these, the tape will show up clear as day and it'll look super awkward haha! I think maybe if I tried ones in a small size, it would work.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. I can definitely imagine the awkward part, it is such an odd feeling! But I think the transformation of what you would look like with double eyelids makes it so much more exciting!! :D