Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Purple Phase || Rimmel ScandalEyes Pencil Liner

For the longest time, I've always wanted to try out purple liner. Black was always my go-to colour, brown was average to me and other colours really didnt stand out. Well finally I purchased the Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal on Asos while it was on sale but you can pick this up at Priceline or Mychemist when the 50% Rimmel products are on.
I've been wearing this colour non-stop after receiving it in the mail and I am in love! 

I was hesitant in purchasing the one from Rimmel as pencil eyeliners do not last on me but I know for a fact that the darker the pencil liner, the more it will be noticable when smudged and with colours like purple, it may smudge on you but it wont give you a panda eye look compared with the black. So I bit the bullet and got the purple just knowing that this wont be the HG pencil liner that lasts all day, which of course isnt, but rather what got me loving this liner was the colour!

You could say that this is somewhat comparable to Urban Decays 24/7 Pencil Liner but I would say it's less creamier. I mean it is definitely creamy and pigmented, but I found it harder to apply when I applied eye primer underneath as it did start to tug on my lids after. 
The nib of the pencil does wear out fast so I did have to sharpen it after 2 days of use and since I do wing out my liner, pencil is pretty much the worst when it comes to getting a fine line, so with the use of a q-tip I pull the liner out and smudge the edges and it looks fine...from afar. But that is one of the downsides for using any pencil liners.

What I love about using purple liner is that you can get away with lining your eyes, applying some mascara and you're good to go for the day. It doesn't have the intensity that a black eyeliner would have but it does have the ability to show your natural eye shape instead of changing it. 
I have used this eyeliner, at work, school and for whenever I've been out and the lasting ability has been tested. 
Without primer, work for 3.3 hours: Slight smudging, eyeliner separating from the ends as a result of watery eyes (pictured at the bottom right)
With primer, at school for 4 hours, out for 1 hour: slightly noticable smudge near lower lashline, majority of the purple liner has faded/smudged away from the lashline also separation of product at the ends of my eye also from a result of watery eyes.
So the results is typical for me but Im just glad it doesnt give me raccoon eyes at the end of the day. 
I would label this pencil liner a favourite of mine due to the colour and texture but when it comes down to the lasting power, the smudging and fading on the lower lashline is frustrating.
But anywho I have been getting many compliments on this liner at school and does go to show purple liner is super pretty, so do try getting your hands on a purple liner if you dont already!!


  1. You've totally inspired me to grab a purple eyeliner! I've never thought about it before but it looks seriously beautiful on you and I've heard that for green eyes (which I have) purple is quite a nice shade. I'm excited! x

    1. Yay Candice!!! It would look amazing with your eye colour, you really have to try it, the colour is spot on! xx

  2. Awesome Angel! Looks good as on you! I have the same pencil in a dark blue colour it's gorgeous, definitely love this eyeliner as well!

    1. Thanks Steph!! Oh my gosh, dark blue would be gorg as! I will so be taking a look at their other colours