Friday, November 7, 2014

Empties #1

Believe it or not, my last empties post was back in February last year. Out of the 2 I've done, they began as a monthly empties but lets face it, I cant finish a product quick and majority of my products will last a couple of months so I thought why not not just start afresh and do a Empties post whenever my "empties" box starts to become full.

You can see that the one thing Im good at is using up conditioners, I honestly load on hella amounts of conditioner on the ends of my hair and leave it on for as long as I can just so my hair will get the full deal of moisture. The Schwarzkopf Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Conditioner was only one of my favs due to the smell and the fact that it did contain some argan oil. Even though it wasnt the best at making my hair healthy, I liked to think that the argan oil helped. 
The two Tresemme conditioners I got from Woolies on a sale shelf that marked them down to $3 each, I didnt think much when I got them but they were surprisingly good. The Deep Conditioning treatment was my favourite out of the two as it did make my hair feel a lot more smooth. The Strengthen & Protect conditioner was just a great daily conditioner.
Would I repurchase?: Mostly likely not, was great to try them out though.

Completely forgotten where I got the Simple cleansing wipes, but I found that I got great use out of them from removing my lipsticks and also swatches on my arm, I reach more for my Wotnot makeup wipes as it is more soaked with makeup remover.
The Garnier Make-Up Remover is my hg makeup remover! Removes waterproof makeup well, doesnt break me out but the only downside is the oily residue. Will be getting my hands on it once a sale hits.
All round great daily facial cleanser, the Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Wash*. Made my skin feel so clean and a little did go a long way! Honestly felt so lost without it when I finished up the product. Will most likely repurchase after I finish up my other cleaners!
Super cheap and oh my gosh, cotton rounds that dont leave cotton on your face! The Ophelia Makeup Rounds, I got from Aldi for $1 and something cents, but under $1.50!!  Such a bargain, I think they may have changed the cotton rounds a bit, or maybe I bought the wrong version but one of the packs had edges that were closed (the best, imo) and the other pack had edges that showed the cotton and wasnt that great but didnt leave cotton dangling off my face thankfully! Have repurchased these and will be doing so again!

Ive already repurchased this one but its the Lucas Papaw Ointment, hands down the best lip balm I've used and also such a versatile product, I have used it to cure flaky skin around the nose during winter and also great to use on rashes.
I've featured this in my monthly favourites before and its the Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Hand Therapy, my favourite scent out of all the hand therapies! I've already got a backup that is waiting to be used up.
There was a time when I bought every singe Nivea lip balm to try them out and all of it besides the Essential care one just did not win me over. This one included, the Nivea Hydrocare. My friends have raved about this one but it just does not work for me, it feels like Im applying a layer of nothingness that obviously does nothing to my lips.
Last but not least, the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream Sample. Been trying to finish off my samples and this one made me want to try out the full sized one. I used this when I came back from ski camp with my face completely dry, dehydrated and flaky (not even exaggerating here). I saw someone at camp use the full sized one at camp and realised I actually had the sample sized so I tried it out and it did make my skin slightly better, compared with my other moisturizers that did nothing to my skin. Will be purchasing this one in the future!

*Products marked with a * were sent to me for consideration 


  1. The Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover was my HG until I started using their micellar water, worth checking out :) I used to use the Aldi makeup rounds ages ago, but ever since they added "aloe vera" into their makeup rounds, I did notice the quality changed, andddddd now I am a strong believer in the daiso puffs!

    t w o p l i c a t e s

    1. I have tried the Micellar Water except it doesnt do its duty well in waterproof eye makeup but I do use it for my everyday makeup removing! I hear so much about the Daiso puffs yet I havent tried it yet, will pick it up once I run out of my makeup rounds, I want to see what the status of these is about! :)

  2. I found swissper's cotton pads to be thicker than the ones I usually use. It's not bad when it comes to removing mascara from both eyes!

    1. I think the only reason I haven't tried Swisspers is because of the price but I'll definitely take a look at them considering that there are a lot of positive comments on them!